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Recognizing the Wins of Failure

We’ve all heard stories of famous failures – in sports, in music, in medicine, in invention… our entertainment is replete with fictional versions of the same. What is it that fascinates us about failure? And how can we use failure as a springboard...

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2 min read

Better Project Management Improves Lives

Effective project management is easier with better tools, processes and training Isn’t your life improved when a task you anticipate being difficult...

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Checklist: How to Determine When to Hire a Vendor

Are you thinking of putting in a piece of technology to support your business? Does the technology look easy enough to install without professional...

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2 min read

New Microsoft Planner: Manage All Your Tasks In A Familiar Interface

Did you hear the news? This week, Microsoft announced at Ignite that they have created a new unified experience...
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Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Innovative-e wins 2023 Project and Portfolio Management with its Teams4PM Solution....
6 min read

The Peaks and Valleys of Project and Work Management Modernization

In my twenty-five-plus years of #ProjectandPortfolioManagement, #WorkManagement, and technology delivery it seems the...
3 min read

The Journey to Modernized Project and Work Management

Imagine if you will, a company that accepts ideas from numerous sources, employees, customers, executives, experts in...
5 min read

Taking Notes: Insights on Microsoft's New Planner Collaborative Work and Task Management App

Chances are you already use Planner -after all it is the most utilized app in M365! You might have heard about...