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Work at a Higher Level: What AI Means for Your Work Life

Work at a Higher Level: What AI Means for Your Work Life

Will AI improve the way you work?

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last several months, you’ve heard more and more about AI and how it’s going to change everything – from how we search for the answers we’ve been asking Google the last couple of decades, to how we engage with popular media. Most of us are already using various forms of AI – predictive text when we’re messaging someone or writing an email, spell check, using ChatGPT to create the first draft of a blog post. But the most recent wave of AI improvements promises to change everything.

What does the advancement of AI mean to you – and most importantly, how will AI improve your work life?

This article promises AI will deliver a whole new way of working, not merely overcoming work challenges, but expanding what’s possible to deliver and revolutionizing the way we work.

“Now, however, powerful new foundation models, together with accessible natural language interfaces, have ushered in a pivotal new phase of AI—one that moves us from “AI on autopilot” to “AI as copilot.” It’s a whole new interaction model between humans and computers, turning natural language into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.”

AI: A Whole New Way of Working – Next-generation AI will transform work for everyone

The following image is from that article and shows how leveraging the newest generation of AI capabilities enables you to start your work at a higher level than if you were starting off with the proverbial blank page without AI assistance. AI means you no longer have to start at square one.


It seems clear – and my anecdotal research supports this assertion – that you can really get a leg up when you have AI working for you. You spend less time at the front end of your work spinning things up because AI has already gotten things rolling for you. When you pick up where AI left off, you’re spending more of your time refining, polishing, and perfecting your work to deliver a better work product, and less time warming up as you noodle on the direction of your work and hammer out a workable draft to begin refining. AI does the noodling for you, and you can hit the ground running with a solid draft already in place, enabling you to spend more of your work time tightening everything up so that by the end of it, you’re delivering a superior product.

Of course, my experience is predominantly with generative AI – e.g., ChatGPT churning out the first draft of this blog post after I’ve given it a few prompts. Then I fill in what the robot left off. Overall, though, leveraging this type of AI has increased my productivity and improved the work product I develop and deliver.

There are other types of AI, too, that can help you level up your project management and work. One of these next-level technologies is sentiment analysis.

From the name, you can guess what sentiment analysis AI does: it “surveys the opinions or sentiments expressed on different features or aspects of entities,” according to Wikipedia.

But how can learning how folks feel be leveraged effectively in work?

The latest release of Teams4PM includes sentiment analysis, which is a BIG new feature for the software. Teams4PM already centralizes work and project management all within Microsoft Teams, empowering everyone on your team to manage project work, collaborate more effectively and easily, and access up-to-date project information to drive informed and impactful decision-making.

Because all project info is consolidated within Teams4PM, you’re able to input risks and issues and other project data into a unified system for maximum visibility, seamlessly updated projects, and greater context for all your projects or portfolio, from the scheduling to the reporting and everything in between.

The addition of the sentiment analysis feature enables AI to read the sentiment of chats between project team members to determine – sometimes before the humans even recognize it – the team’s feelings about the overall health of a project.

Teams4PM’s sentiment analysis AI then creates a report of this analysis, giving you and your team an overview of the health of your projects or portfolio according to everyone involved in the project, from the troops on the ground to the Program Managers. This enables your team to address potential project issues proactively when the AI shows indicators of potential problems.


Teams4PM’s AI component requires no additional human effort to measure how a project team feels about a particular project or a whole project portfolio, freeing up team members up to do other work, rather than manually chasing data to determine the status and health of the project.

This automation, through sentiment analysis, enables the project team to get ahead of issues without waiting for human reporting, supporting proactivity rather than reactivity.

Whether you’re using Planner, Project for the web, or Project Online, if you’re working within Teams4PM, the sentiment analysis looks the same to all users and uses a consistent information architecture to provide a clean, reliable, standardized experience for everyone using the app.

The addition of sentiment analysis improves project outcomes with less overhead and reduced need for human intervention to flag potential issues in a project or portfolio. The way we apply AI in Teams4PM for sentiment analysis automates reporting with zero additional effort from humans. It eliminates much of the repetitive and mundane work team members often spend too much of their time on, allowing them to be more productive and deliver better work results and overall project outcomes. Teams4PM’s sentiment analysis module gives team leaders and members the benefit of greater awareness of the health of a project or portfolio with zero additional overhead. We apply sentiment analysis in a fashion that actually removes work for your team.

Want to know more about the exciting capabilities of Teams4PM and how savvy PMOs are breaking down barriers that have sabotaged project outcomes before now? Learn on your own time how prioritizing collaboration, embracing the Microsoft modern platform, and placing the building blocks enabling limitless automation with AI will help you modernize your project management and work and tackle the challenges in successfully executing projects and work.

Still hungry for more info? Reach out to schedule a one-on-one discussion with our Teams4PM team.

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