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Customer Case Studies – A Peek Behind the Scenes

Customer Case Studies – A Peek Behind the Scenes

By Mike Taylor (co-authored by Bryan Quick)

This post is a basically a summary of a conversation Bryan Quick and I had on the December episode of our podcast, “Are You Done Yet?” where we discussed a bit of the behind-the-scenes path to customer evidence/case studies.  It was a fun conversation, and we hope you enjoy.  We’re always interested in feedback, so don’t be shy – contact us!  

New customer stories for the New Year! 

2022 is going to be a big year for Innovative-e customer success stories, there’s no doubt about it.  It’s going to be about stories like the Microsoft-sponsored Southern New Hampshire University case study from late 2021.  This year is going to be about making sure that people are aware of how we are able to help with transforming their work in project management. 

Power Platform to automate key business processes 

We have a couple more customer stories in the works as well.  One of them is an equity firm in the healthcare area called Evidity Health Capital.  We talked with this customer for the case study, and it was a good exploration of where they were before we were able to come in and assist, and where they are now.  It’s a short crisp sort of journey together, but a good one.  

This story is about Microsoft Power Platform specifically and how it was used to automate this customer’s business processes. This is super exciting because it’s taking the ‘special sauce’ of their differentiation in the marketplace and how they approach business, and helping them scale. 

This equity management firm had started doing some work with other folks using the Power Platform, but they hit a wall, so they asked us to come in and assess the situation and determine the right thing to do going forward.  This assessment included determining if they should even be using the Power Platform or if off-the-shelf software might be a better route. It was a classic buy vs. build decision point that had to be examined and ultimately approved by their executive management.  

The customer felt that the assessment was objective and balanced weighing off-the-shelf products, for which the cost initially was a little lower, against using the Power Platform. Ultimately, the flexibility to really build to their special sauce led them to the conclusion that the Power Platform was best to build their solution. And they saw the need for flexibility not just to initially get it like they wanted, but also to continue evolving as processes change to keep that competitive advantage and not have to wait for a vendor to add features.   

After deciding to go with the low-code approach, they engaged Innovative-e to build the first couple of what will ultimately be an app suite consisting of many apps.  After a couple of months, the apps were fully developed, refined, tested, and deployed for use. The customer is now in a period where they are using, learning, refining needs and building backlogs for future enhancements to the first two apps while planning for new ones as well.  

Meeting customers where they are in their journey 

Over the years, Innovative-e has really embraced meeting people where they are.  These two customer journeys show how we do just that. 

This represents two different points on a continuum that allows customers to go for fast or quasi-custom.  It’s a great feeling to be able to help people wherever they are there along their journey. Bryan: “Yes, it’s kind of fun not to be a one trick pony.” Mike: “Exactly!” 

Check out all of our case studies

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