Mike Taylor

Mike is the Founder and CEO of Innovative-e, his most recently led Microsoft-centric $MM company. Mike began his career writing PPM software for NASA and has extensive experience as a PPM practitioner, community contributor/writer, and process & app producer. Mike lives in his hometown of Merritt Island, FL

Smaller to larger building blocks

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Start Your AI Journey Now and Build Strategy Towards Larger Capabilities

One of the things that we’re talking to people about is getting the best advantage out of using AI for project and work management. We see many of you wanting to “skip to the front of the line” and jump in to do really elaborate things with the AI...

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Light bulb

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3 fundamentals to help you maximize innovation!

Is your organization as ready for innovation as you’d like it to be? Innovative organizations embrace cultures that reward original and pioneering...

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Customer Case Studies – A Peek Behind the Scenes

By Mike Taylor (co-authored by Bryan Quick)

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New Microsoft Planner: Manage All Your Tasks In A Familiar Interface

Did you hear the news? This week, Microsoft announced at Ignite that they have created a new unified experience...
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Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Innovative-e wins 2023 Project and Portfolio Management with its Teams4PM Solution....
6 min read

The Peaks and Valleys of Project and Work Management Modernization

In my twenty-five-plus years of #ProjectandPortfolioManagement, #WorkManagement, and technology delivery it seems the...
3 min read

The Journey to Modernized Project and Work Management

Imagine if you will, a company that accepts ideas from numerous sources, employees, customers, executives, experts in...
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Taking Notes: Insights on Microsoft's New Planner Collaborative Work and Task Management App

Chances are you already use Planner -after all it is the most utilized app in M365! You might have heard about...