Clint Pittman

The Power of The Servant PM

4 min read

The Power of the Servant Project Manager: You might not have a methodology problem

It’s probably the holiday season that has me thinking of service to others in our work and other areas of life. It seems particularly around this time of year, contributing, giving, and serving become a part of our lexicon more so than at any other...

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Business woman on a wall

3 min read

What’s In It For THEM? The Value of Portfolio Management Systems Beyond the PMO

What's in it for them? When evaluating an opportunity, purchase, or even a new idea, most of us primarily judge it based on our motivations, our...

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Agile vs Waterfall Management

3 min read

Waterfall or Agile Delivery: Which is BEST?

"Use the right tool for the job son." This is my first article and when picking a topic, I wanted something thought-provoking, even controversial. I...

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2 min read

New Microsoft Planner: Manage All Your Tasks In A Familiar Interface

Did you hear the news? This week, Microsoft announced at Ignite that they have created a new unified experience...
1 min read

Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Innovative-e wins 2023 Project and Portfolio Management with its Teams4PM Solution....
6 min read

The Peaks and Valleys of Project and Work Management Modernization

In my twenty-five-plus years of #ProjectandPortfolioManagement, #WorkManagement, and technology delivery it seems the...
3 min read

The Journey to Modernized Project and Work Management

Imagine if you will, a company that accepts ideas from numerous sources, employees, customers, executives, experts in...
5 min read

Taking Notes: Insights on Microsoft's New Planner Collaborative Work and Task Management App

Chances are you already use Planner -after all it is the most utilized app in M365! You might have heard about...